Centenary Essays

Telling the story of the first one hundred years of Swansea University is both an exciting and a challenging task. In this series of commissioned essays, a diverse range of authors explore a variety of people and ideas relating to the University’s unique and proud history. The University College, as it was known then, opened its doors in 1920 - an unusual time for any higher education institution to be established. Its history since then has been remarkable and multi-faceted; our Centenary essayists draw on both scholarly research and personal experience to present a living, vital, and most importantly human history of Swansea University. 

These essays complement the monograph researched and written by Dr Sam Blaxland from the University's History Department, which will be published in the Summer of 2020 by the University of Wales Press and whose main focus is the period after 1945, using the history of the institution to shine a light onto various aspects of post-war social, cultural and political change in Britain and Wales - as well as the evolving nature of universities in a rapidly changing world.

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